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Phase 1 - Station Road

Following a 5 year process of Safety Audits, Outline Schemes and seeking funding arrangements, Phase 1 of the Ben Hamilton Baillee proposals (Ivinghoe Safety Scheme) is now in its final phase of being technically designed ready for implementation (hopefully) in July/August 2022.

The proposals are being planned following a wide consultation with residents of both Ivinghoe and Pitstone whereby it was overwhelmingly agreed that Ivinghoe Parish Council should persue their part of the safety scheme (Pitstone have their own safety scheme and implementation plans). Those plans included changes to Station Road, Church Road, High Street in Ivinghoe as well as other changes planned for Great Gap and the major B488/B489 junction by Handpost Cottages.

As work has progressed it became clear that safety features to slow the traffic in Station Road became the major priority.

The following drawing is only a preliminary plan of what is proposed and items shown are indicative only. It is still subject to an informal consultation, a traffic order and final safety audit.

A brief outline of some of the features

Purple Areas - proposed new parking bays, currently there are no official parking bays in the areas designated, these will provide additional overnight and weekend parking for residents as well as allowing restricted parking to allow some school drop off points.

Coloured Roundabouts - these are informal roundabouts designed to slow the traffic down, forcing the traffic to give way to other road users.

Coloured Crossing Point - an informal crossing point, this has been located between the two informal roundabouts.

Coloured Anti-Skid Road Surface - on the approaches to the safety zone

Coloured Road Surfaces - to highlight to motorists that thay are in a highlighted area, the colouring will be different to the usual red highlighting currently used.

Not shown on the diagram

Highlighted SLOW signs on the approaches to the area either side on Station Road.

Painted yellow strip markers  on the approach to the area from the Great Gap direction. These are not rumble strips, but are of noise reducing paint, specifically designed to be used in residential areas.

One final note on the diagram.

The yellow lines shown on the diagram are not intended to be parking restrictions. These lines are to delineate the extent of the proposed works area only.



Ivinghoe Parish Council Phase 1 - Station Road

Buckinghamshire Council Parking Services has suggested the below parking restrictions for the bays (coloured purple). 

The reasons for the parking restrictions are to give priority to Brookmead School users during the week at school drop off / pick up times, but allowing residents additional spaces for overnight parking.

Please note that Bay 1 is located via Ladysmith Road where there are 2 parking places proposed and Bay 2 in Station Road adjacent to Ivinghoe Lawn where there are 5 parking places proposed:

Bay 1 - Limited waiting Mon – Fri 7am to 6pm 1 hour no return 2 hours

Bay 2 - Limited waiting Mon – Fri 7am to 6pm 30 mins no return 1 hour

Residents would still be able to park up to 8.10am in Bay 1 but only 7.40am in Bay 2 before having to move which would free the bays for the school traffic but still allow a reasonable time for visitors to the residents during the day.

And return in the evenings in Bay 1 at 4.50pm and Bay 2 at 5.20pm, this works along with the national standard school zig-zag times which are 8am to 5pm.


The Parish Council has sent consultation letters to the near neighbours of the plan for their input to the parking scheme. If other residents wish to comment, please open the copy of the consultation letter below, full details on how to respond to the consultation are within the letter.

If you have any questions you may find the answers on our Project Frequently Asked Questions page