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Stephen Lott


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Personal Statement

Born in London in 1955, our family moved to Bletchley in late 1959, where I was brought up and my family still live in the same house. I was educated at the then Denbigh School and left at the grand age of 16 to start an apprenticeship with the Post Office Telephones.

I worked with the Post office as a telecoms engineer, which morphed into British Telecom. With BT I became a trouble shooter for all their customers and travelled the world with them sorting out computer and telephone problems. Next, I joined Cumbria Police in their IT department, retiring from full time employment in 2010.

Over the years I have lived in North Bedfordshire, the Lake District and Worcestershire before moving back to Buckinghamshire in 2014. My family live in Bletchley and Berkhamsted.

Why have I joined the Parish Council? I believe in the ethos that you have to put something in to get something out and I have always been interested in working for the good of the public at large. With my wife Christine, we ran a theatre going group called Ouse Valley Theatregoers, a group of like-minded people, all living in villages similar to  Ivinghoe, but not necessarily having easy access to theatre. I was also treasurer to the village hall for a number of years.

On moving to Kendal, I became chair of the Fellside and Greenside Forum. The Forum had responsibility for looking after a woodland area, gave input to the planning process that affected the area and generally campaigned on behalf of the local residents on anything that enhanced their lives. On leaving, the Forum were just embarking on their own Neighbourhood Development Plan.

As to Ivinghoe, I have known the village since 1960, cycled through here as a youth and always had a love for the area. We are now settled here and I look forward to working with the Parish Council and the residents of Ivinghoe Parish as a whole.


Please contact me using the form below or by calling the Parish Office on 07960 605393

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